iPhone 6 Plus Video Review: Day One

The iPhone 6 Plus, Apple’s new phone is certainly large. For a week, I’m going to switch back to iOS to see what I think of it. Here’s my day one review.
There are, of course, plenty of other reviews of the iPhone 6 Plus online already, mostly from folks who’ve been handed phones directly from Apple. There are some great reviews out there, and more than a few that feel to me like gushing marketer-speak. Maybe that’s just me, but then this is just my opinion. You’re free to disagree, comment, share, make remarks about my appearance (if you must), whatever.

(before I forget: Hat tip to Telstra, who supplied me with a review device.)
To give this some context, while over the history of smartphones there’s probably been an iPhone in my pocket more frequently than anything else, over the last year or so I’ve been using Android devices more and more; partly that’s down to the fact that there’s a lot more to test, but equally it means that I’m no stranger to larger phones. So I thought it’d be interesting to switch back to an iPhone — the iPhone 6 Plus in this case — to see how it stacks up.

3 thought on “iPhone 6 Plus Video Review: Day One”

  1. Alex Kidman Post author

    The obvious answer: I don’t have a Lumia 1520 to hand, but yes, you’re right, it’s the WP8 competitor in large screened phones.


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