HP Envy 120 Review

HP’s Envy line of printers don’t really look much like printers at all. That’s kind of the point.
Over at CNET.com.au, I’ve run HP’s latest shiny fashion printer through its paces. So you know what to do.
Go and read it now!

Source: CNET Australia

1 thought on “HP Envy 120 Review”

  1. Havr to admit upfront that I didn’t read the whole review but I read enough of it to know that HP printers are still a big NO for me. I am just sick to death of the over-protective, nanny-state, long-winded, glitchy, resource-hogging HP Solution Centre software. Sick of it! The printers themselves are good, not withstanding the obnoxious printer cartridge pricing (which can be avoided with refilled carts and non-genuine carts), just that the software you have to load to run it is seriously F’ed… As long as I am forced to run HP software for a hardware product (and I’m not talking about drivers..), I won’t buy it.

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