GPS Roundup: TomTom, Navman, Garmin

There’s still a place for dedicated GPS devices, but which one should you buy?
Image: Zoetnet
Over at, I’ve been taking a look at GPS devices, both at the budget and premium end of the range. Mind you, there’s nowhere near as much distance between those two extremes as there used to be.
TomTom GO 600
TomTom’s premium GPS has an all-new and very clear interface that makes searching for locations a charm.
Garmin Nuvi 52
The Garmin Nuvi 52 covers the navigation basics well in a stylish form factor, but it sits uncomfortably between genuine budget and premium devices.
Garmin Nuvi 3597
The Garmin Nuvi 3597 is a fine premium GPS, but it’s priced a little too high for our tastes.
TomTom XL 250 (2013)
TomTom’s budget GPS offers simple navigation if that’s what you’re after, but you’ll need some patience to go with it.
Navman MY450LMT
The MY450LMT’s rapid map updates are a little gimmicky, but the rest of the package makes for a superb GPS.
Navman Move 30
You get what you pay for with the Move 30. You don’t pay much, but a little more gets a much better GPS, and at this price point, we’d lean towards a GPS app instead.

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