You just keep on trying 'till you run out of cake…

A 2007 Internet Meme and a song lyric, all in one. Neat. Albeit a touch dated…
Also neat is catching up on my published work, especially at, where there’s been a practical tsunami of Alex work. Observe at your leisure:
Microsoft Explorer Mini Mouse: “We even experimentally ran it over the base of a custard tart, and while that was physically tricky to do, the Explorer Mini kept up admirably…”
Linksys Ultra Rangeplus Simultaneous Dual-N Band Wireless Router WRT610N: “There’s a bit in every B-grade science fiction movie when the heroes think they’ve taken down the evil invader’s UFO…”
NEC Versa E6510-2505DR: “The E6510 looks the part of a serious business laptop, but there’s a more fun exterior lurking within — at least for as long as the battery holds out…”
NEC Versa P9210-2500DR: “The P9210 is a frustrating mix of elements that we really liked, and elements that were just plain frustrating…”

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