You didn't write, you didn't telephone, you didn't call, you left me on my own…

Man, I’d kill for a CD copy of Fuzzbox’s Big Bang, even though it will make me feel rather old.
Damn. I just had to go and look up when it came out. Twenty years ago. Now I do feel old, even though one of the staff at Master Five’s preschool commented this morning that I couldn’t be in my thirties yet…
While I consider the ongoing effects of senility, amuse yourself with my latest writing efforts. Yesterday there was another Mac Blog at PC Authority:
Mac Authority: Where does all the space on the iPhone go? “Wondering what’s taking up all the space on your iPhone? Alex Kidman discovers that his iPhone’s mysterious black hole labelled “other” has eaten up 4.3GB of space…”
And today, yet another Nettop review for
MSI Wind Top AE1900: “MSI’s marketing material notes this as, and we quote, “The Most Complete I/O Ports”. We’re not quite seeing that, somehow.”

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