You bring me down, you shout around, you don't believe that I'm alone….

Well, to quote a certain 80s pop starlet, I think I’m alone now. Although that lyric is from a different type of Queen entirely…
Working. Yet again. So much work to do.For those who wanted more personal blogging… umm… the washing machine is dead. Are you happy now?
If not, amuse yourselves with these reviews, live now at
TiVo Home Networking: “It’s tough to move past the sticker shock of the cost of TiVo’s home networking solution, but it is a simple solution for those wanting more portable TV out of their PVR.”
Western Digital My DVR Expander: “Western Digital’s TiVo expanding drive works as advertised, but is only recommended for non-networked homes.”
Which inevitably leads to…
TiVo expansion options: “One of the first things we noticed when the Australian version of TiVo finally launched last year was that the hard drive within the unit was, even for a PVR, pretty small. What solutions are there for expandng the size of the storage on offer?”

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