Whose 4G reigns supreme?

In which I test 4G, listen to music, charge up some phones, rebrand an iconic ’80s band… and travel to Maitland. It’s all go, I tell you!

Issue #2 of TechLife should be in newsagencies across the land as you read this, and I’m heavily featured within its glossy pages. There’s three pages of streaming music service reviews. Four pages of battery boosters for your smartphone. A review of a not-quite-good-enough Playstation Move game. And to top it off, a hefty eleven pages on Australia’s 4G networks, and where they all stand. Lots of Alex goodness in one shiny magazine shell!
Makes me wonder if I slept at all last month. Probably not.
The one thing I couldn’t line up in time for the print deadline was testing time for Optus’ 4G network, currently on trial in the Newcastle/Hunter Valley region. That’s coming in detail in an upcoming issue, but right now, my early insights are up at the TechLife web site:

Optus 4G vs Telstra 4G: Battle In The Hunter Valley: “Telstra gets the 4G headlines, but it’s not the only telco with a stake in 4G. We grabbed one of Optus’ 4G test kits and headed to Newcastle to see whether we’ll see real competition in the ultra-fast mobile broadband space this year”
Hmm.. what sort of musical accompaniment goes with this topic? Aha! I have it! All Optus would need to do is rebrand a classic ’80s act, changing the “for” to 4, and it’ll be ready to rule the world…
I did mention the whole “I like bad puns” thing, right?

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