Who's been gobbing in my lentils?

There are times (and this is one of them) when I really, really don’t feel like writing much.
All too often, these seem to coincide with my deadlines. And this is one of them.
But I have no choice, so I continue onwards, scribing ever more words. And now’s your chance to read some of them:
For several years now, I’ve been in charge of the standalone reviews (and an awful lot of the comparative feature reviews) at Netguide Magazine, so it would seem wrong not to point out that the July issue is on store and selected Supermarket shelves now. Go forth, buy a copy (and don’t forget the milk while you’re there) and you’ll be able to enjoy my words of wisdom on personal video recorders, as well as standalone reviews of the LG Flatron L226 22″ monitor, Jamo i300, ABC Playback Beta, Adobe Media Player, CompareOffice, Lexar UDMA Card Reader, Canon Digital IXUS 80IS, Belkin TuneCast Audio With Clearscan, 3 Mobile Broadband, Crazy Pig, Real Adventures: Pet Vet, Real Adventures: Wild Horses, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty, God Of War: Chains Of Olympus and PAIN.
In the online sphere, you can also find more of my opinion at my Australian Macworld Blog:
Having a Fable-ous time: “Sometimes, it’s better to play with yourself. No, wait, that’s not quite right. I’ve been spending some time recently on an iMac playing two fairly significant fantasy action games…”
Hmm. That’s a lot of words from someone suffering from an inability to write…

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