Well, I had two weeks of vacation time coming…

No. No I didn’t. I’ll be more or less working through the festive season, with only a couple of significant days off. Such is the life of a busy freelancer. Sure beats being an unemployed freelancer, though.
The subject line’s original song is brought up in one of my articles currently live, though, at MacTheBlog:
MacTheBlog: Chrome: Not So Shiny? “How many large balls of twine are there out there, anyway?”
And, reliable as always, I’ve got new reviews up at CNET.com.au. Today, it’s printer day! (Also Monkey Day, but that’s not strictly relevant to the subject of these reviews)
HP Photosmart Plus B209: “The Photosmart Plus has a great touchscreen interface, but average printing quality at best.”
Lexmark Platinum Pro905: “Lexmark’s latest printer comes with a platinum card style price point, but it’s too slow for all but the most patient print users.”

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