Week in review: Galaxy Folds, Vertical Holds, Scammers are bold and more

A busy first week back on the freelancing trail, with new phones, lots of talk around online scams and more.

First week back with my freelancer’s cap on, and I’m off to a busy start. Which is a good thing as a freelancer, although I’m always on the lookout for more opportunities.

Need some words written? You can get in touch with me here.

At Geeks2U, I gave some advice to folks on how to avoid being ripped off by ATO scammers.

On Tuesday, I chatted with Jo Printz on ABC Radio across much of regional Victoria, covering the concerns around FaceApp, why Instagram’s hiding likes, car parts made out of potatoes and whether letting Elon Musk put wires in your brain is a good thing.

At Finder, I looked into the numbers behind NBN Co’s 10 million premises passed claims, and why it’s not quite yet worth getting excited about 1Gbps HFC NBN.

I revived an older video format of mine with the Samsung Galaxy A70 on YouTube:

Nokia 4.2The Nokia 4.2 got the Alex review treatment over at Finder.

It’s the pinkest phone I’ve reviewed for quite some time, but that wasn’t quite enough for it to fully impress me.

I got my retro gaming groove on with another 3 credit challenge, this time tackling Konami’s Parodius:

At Finder, with Samsung announcing a fresh release date for the Galaxy Fold, I wrote up everything you need to know about Samsung’s freshly-hyped foldable phone.

Foxtel got very busy announcing a tie-up with Netflix and a “new” Foxtel experience, and that was the lead topic for this week’s episode of Vertical Hold, which you can listen to below:

Remember when every phone had a removable battery? Yeah, like me, you’re getting old. Over at Finder, I wrote up what you can do if you want a phone with a removable battery, as well as what you can do if your phone won’t support one.

Galaxy A70Finally at Finder, I closed out the week going over the full details of Samsung’s remarkably impressive Samsung Galaxy A70. I’m still not quite decided if I’d pack it or the Google Pixel 3a into my imaginary mid-range-phone backpack or not. It’s that good, you see.

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