We need an update, stat!

One possibly unhealthy side-effect of working for a Web-based publisher for three-odd years is that I have a rather unusual interest in Web stats.
Naturally enough, I don’t get the kind of traffic that CNET.com.au does (although I do take a certain amount of pride in their published stats — not only because I’m still a regular contributor, but also because I personally went through a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get CNET.com.au off the ground), but I do still get the wacky web stats, especially when it comes to web search terms.
As an example, the fourth most popular search term for this site in February? That’d be the phrase “My Arse”. Mull on that for a second. The search term, I mean, not my backside… well, if you really must, we could come to some sort of commercial arrangement.. no, maybe not.
What really confuses me about that is that a plain Google search against the site and that search term brings up exactly zero results. So what were the searchers looking for, and how did they get here?
In amongst all this posterior pontificating, and set against the backdrop of a post-surgery Kidman, the busy beavers (no, I won’t get into that running gag again) at CNET.com.au have put up a comparative review piece of mine today:
Bluetooth headphones: Enjoy your music wirelessly: We take five stereo Bluetooth headphones for a spin to see which set reigns supreme…”
BlueAnt X5 Stereo Bluetooth Headset: “A good value headset with comfort on its side, but not if you’re an audiophile…”
Jabra BT620s: “The Jabra BT620s aren’t subtle headphones, but the audio quality — and the ability to multi-pair — is a plus…”
Nokia BH-501: “Good quality Bluetooth headphones, as long as you don’t mind it being very obvious you’re wearing a Bluetooth headset — and a walking Nokia advert as well…”
Samsung SBH170: “While the SBH170s have the best range we’ve seen, poor audio quality lets these headphones down…”
Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970: “Despite some design and performance complaints the Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 delivers solid sound quality and generous features…”

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