It’s been unusually quiet around here. Almost as though nothing was happening…
But that of course hasn’t been the case. I’ve been flat out over the past couple of days, both covering for Di while she had her first exams in deleted years, giving presentations to PR types about what it’s like being a freelance journalist, somehow getting officially older, getting a sneak peek at the Apple store prior to its opening (although poor health and other commitments meant I couldn’t make it to the official opening), and, naturally enough, writing enough down to keep the family alive. At least, I think they’re alive. I certainly don’t feel very alive right now.
While I recover*, why not read this news story, live right now at PC Authority?
Atom Eee to hit by the end of the month: “And guess what? There’s ONE price for Linux or Windows XP, and price drops for existing models.”
* And by “recover”, I sadly mean “get right back to work” — one of the perils of taking a couple of days off to cover for Di is a huge backlog of deadlines to attend to….

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