This is March to… oobely-boo, this is misc, and this is… other.

Argh. One of the more challenging aspects to being your own boss is doing the accounting and keeping track of everything. And then trying to work out the tax implications.
Which almost segues… almost… bear with me.. into a need for some money, in order to pay my accountant to make sure I’m not stuffing it up. I hope. So, head ye onwards to Australian Macworld for this month’s gaming blog, while I sit here and do hard sums. I’m sure I’ll still be here when you get back.
Battle of the Games Legends: Will vs Sid: “There’s not much that gamers like more than a good battle – whether it’s pitting Zerg against Protoss, Righteous Orc against Prancing Elf, Fireball against Spinning Bird Kick or even Hedgehog versus Plumber. There also aren’t that many “rock star” games programmers. Arguably, at least since the mid 1990s, there haven’t been any, thanks to the growing complexity of game engines. But can you pit the few “names” left against each other?”

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