There's a wet and miserable looking Kookaburra outside…

No, really, there is. Well, there is if you’re looking out my dining room window, anyway. Your windows may vary.
Speaking of variance, what’s the least varied thing I could be writing about today? If you answered “Modem emulation on a VIC 20 RS-232 Port“, then you couldn’t be more wrong, and I’d suggest that you’ve been sniffing that glue stick for just a little bit too long. If, however, you answered “Apple”, then you’d be bang on the money. Firstly, at
iPod Nano 8GB (4th Generation): “The fourth generation iPod Nano shows Apple doing what it’s done with the iPod line for a very long time now – tweaking around the edges, rather than reinventing the whole thing each and every time.”
And then at PC Authority:
Mac Authority: Redefining Apple’s Genius: “Sometimes, Apple does stuff that could be defined as Genius. Sometimes, not so much. Alex Kidman dissects the iTunes 8 Genius feature.”

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