No, really, there is. Well, there is if you’re looking out my dining room window, anyway. Your windows may vary.

Speaking of variance, what’s the least varied thing I could be writing about today? If you answered “Modem emulation on a VIC 20 RS-232 Port“, then you couldn’t be more wrong, and I’d suggest that you’ve been sniffing that glue stick for just a little bit too long. If, however, you answered “Apple”, then you’d be bang on the money. Firstly, at

iPod Nano 8GB (4th Generation): “The fourth generation iPod Nano shows Apple doing what it’s done with the iPod line for a very long time now – tweaking around the edges, rather than reinventing the whole thing each and every time.”

And then at PC Authority:

Mac Authority: Redefining Apple’s Genius: “Sometimes, Apple does stuff that could be defined as Genius. Sometimes, not so much. Alex Kidman dissects the iTunes 8 Genius feature.”

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