There will be no mention of cats in this post…

Well, except for that mention of cats. Oh, and that one. Blast.
In non-feline related news, the no-doubt tired folks* at have published another of my reviews:
Sony Vaio VGNG118GNB: “Sony’s latest business-centric Vaio is a wonder of sturdy construction, ultra light portability and enticing design. At the same time, it’s not exactly an inexpensive number-crunching beast.”
* Predominantly as many of them were up late last night watching surprisingly low numbers of people buying PS3s. Mind you, if they’d given away 125 42″ LCDs, as they did in the UK…. The video is hilarious, although it should be noted that they cheated – there’s a CNET/ZDNET staffer in the video hyping the unit….

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