The woman is wild, a she-cat tamed by the purr of a jaguar…

I like cats.
I also like working*, as can be seen from the wide variety of publications from which you can get your daily Alex fix. In print terms, you shouldn’t go past the June issue of Australian Macworld Magazine, in which I win millions of pesos. No, really, I do. Well, as long as that letter I got in the mail wasn’t bogus — but surely that could never happen, right? The only way you can find out is to head to your newsagency now, before copies run out.
Meanwhile, in the world of reviews, I make a long-awaited return to ZDNet Australia’s reviews pages. Sure, they re-purpose content I’ve written for quite frequently — the Conceptronic Wireless review from the other day is up there right now — but this was a review specifically commissioned for ZDNet itself. I haven’t written a review for ZDNet since… well, since I was reviews editor there more than four years ago, in fact.
Mitsubishi Electric XD520U: “At AU$2199, the XD520U DLP projector sits at the top end of Mitsubishi Electric’s new “Leo” range of DLP business projectors. The XD520U performs a little bit better than its specifications might suggest, but you do pay a noise penalty in return.”
Meanwhile, I’ve been somewhat instrumental in having another publication locked up for five years. No — really — it’s once again true. Well, sort of. Read the story yourself at
APC Jailed for Five Years: “A US judge has jailed APC for five years for copyright infringement. Time to start singing the sad songs.”
*These segues aren’t getting any smoother, are they?

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