The most popular of all our escapades was undoubtedly the one called, quite simply, "Setting Fire To The Policeman"…

My postman brings me all sorts of interesting things. I’m still not entirely convinced that he doesn’t pinch bits along the way — any number of “missing” parcels attests that somebody has sticky fingers somewpca_may09here along the postal trail.
Today, though, he bought me the latest issue of Australian PC Authority. Which is lucky, because I’m in the May issue.
For the Mac fans, there’s my reviews of the new iMac and Mac Mini, as well as a column discussing Mac Security and beachballs.
For the games fans, there’s games news (including a really awful Streetfighter pun), as well as reviews of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War II and Empire: Total War.
And if neither of those topics interest you, there’s a great photo of me on page 96. No centrefold… yet.

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