Tablets, Privacy, Flips And My Fifteen Seconds Of Fame

As Road Warrior Animal used to say… Wooah…. what a rush. A spectacularly busy week, in fact.
First off, a couple of TV appearances. On the ABC, I appeared on “7:30” discussing the Sony PSN hack:
Hack Attack: The security breach on the Sony gaming network and what it means for cyber safety.
And then the day after, an appearance on SBS World News Australia discussing the day’s developments in the same case.
PlayStation breach widens: Sony says it’s hired a team of cyber-security detectives after finding a breach was bigger than first thought.
In both cases, I think my TV actually got more air time than I did, but that’s the way of things… and nicely recursive.
Written rather than spoken words continue to be my stock in trade, however, and In any case, I wasn’t going to let that experience go to waste, so it’s also the subject of this week’s Hydrapinion:
My portable may not be your portable: “TV cameras (or at least the models the ABC uses; perhaps the cashed-up commercial networks are different) are still pretty chunky beggars…”
Meanwhile, at Geekspeak, three columns for your perusal went up:
Take Two Tablets And…? “For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been testing out Apple’s new iPad 2 against its most immediate competition, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1v.”
What does privacy mean for you online? “There isn’t a simple way these days to fall off the radar of everybody all the time (and only the most introverted would want to), but it’s certainly worth thinking about how you use online services…”
Did Smartphones Kill The Video Star? “It also makes me wonder how (and whether) people shoot video with small devices…”

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