Someday my prints will come

Hey, you knew I liked bad puns, right?
Well, if you didn’t for some reason, consider this lesson number one: I like bad puns.

I’m back at with, of all things, a printer review. Yes, printers aren’t the technology world’s most enticing of topics, but they’re still quite worthy, and it’s nice to be back at a site that I’ve had an awful lot to do with over the past seven years; I can’t claim credit for all of its successes, but I’ve been a part of them along the way.

Brother MFC 9125CN: “The side of the box for the Brother MFC 9125CN describes it as a “Digital Colour Multi-Function Centre”, which rather makes it sound as though, along with printing, scanning and faxing, you might be able to host a wedding reception within its off-white plastic body.”
Musically, this seems apt (and might make up at least a little for the terrible pun)

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