So, acting real casual like, I leant over and BIT his 'ead off…

I’ve been accused of being an opinionated sod in the past — quite often with due cause. Such as is the case when someone gives me a soapbox — or I guess soapblog, in this case — at the just-freshly-launched Australian Macworld web site:
I have the power: “Well, actually, I don’t. Keen fans of really quite poor, toy-driven ’80s cartoon flicks might remember (possibly even fondly) that the title of this entry was screamed by the frighteningly effeminate Prince Adam of Eternia, right before he transformed into the steroid-overpowered He-Man. I don’t know about you, but I was grossly disappointed that the female version of He-Man wasn’t called She-Woman, but I digress…”

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