Sharksplosion now available on Amazon Kindle!

Sharksplosion, a novel that’s been described as “An action adventure thriller blockbuster of a novel crammed full of car chases, train derailments, plane crashes and exploding sharks” by an award-winning writer* is now available to buy in Kindle format through Amazon.
Sharksplosion is an action-adventure-thriller filled, quite deliberately, with every single action adventure trope you can think of, and then stuffed extra-wide with as many exploding sharks as I could feasibly accommodate while keeping the narrative at least moderately coherent.

Why you should buy Sharksplosion

  • At $US4.99, it’s about the same price as a cup of coffee or a simple snack, but it’ll keep you stimulated for much longer.
  • It makes the ideal Christmas present. Buy six, and give one to each member of your family!
  • No other book ever published previously features as many exploding sharks. Exploding sharks are good for you (probably).
  • It has its own (completely unofficial, but highly recommended) theme tune to listen to while you’re reading it.
  • It would make me rather happy if you did, because it opens up new possibilities for me to earn money by writing. On the off-chance anyone from a physical publishing house is reading this, I’m open to offers.

If you’re a Kindle owner, you can find it on your local Amazon Kindle store by clicking this link.
Don’t own a Kindle, but you’re hungry for all the sharksploding action your mind can handle? You can buy it in any number of other eBook formats through Smashwords here.
Not sure if it’s the book for you? Of course it is!
But if that’s not enough to convince you, by clicking on the Smashwords link, you can also download a sample chapter to get you into the action. The sample chapter also features a kebab, just to entice you a little more.
So what are you waiting for?
*Yeah, that would be me. It’s hard managing your own publicity some days.

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