Recent Alex sightings has published some of my stuff recently:
Kyocera KX440: “If you’ve got a compelling business reason to own a push-to-talk phone, then the KX440 was built for you. If you’re after a flashier phone, it definitely isn’t.”
Denon DVD-1720: “Denon’s DVD-1720 is a simple to use progressive scan DVD player with DivX support, but little else to get really excited about.”
Dell Dimension 9100: “With both Intel and AMD solidly staking a claim to the dual core world, we can expect more applications to be rewritten (or originally conceived) with dual core applications in mind, so there’s a good argument to make that picking up a dual core machine, such as the Dimension 9100, is a solid futureproofing bet.” has published a bunch of my games reviews recently as well:
Spider-Man 2 (PSP): “On the minus side, they seem to think that Mary Jane Watson is extremely chubby, and that Peter Parker doesn’t in fact look like Tobey Maguire – instead, he looks like the bizarre love child of Maguire and Jerry Seinfeld. It’s a striking image, and one that may just haunt your nightmares for some time to come.”

Everybody’s Golf (PSP):
“Golfers, real or digital, all wear really awful pants.”
On the print side, the November issue of NetGuide magazine hits store shelves shortly — Wednesday, I think — with reviews of Google Talk, Registry Mechanic, Netcomm Homeplug, Kodak’s V550 camera, Total Overdose and others, as well as a portable media guide, all written by yours truly. While you’re down at the Newsagent picking up a copy, you should also pick up PC User, which has my review of Telstra BigPond Wireless Broadband.

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