(Reach up for the) sunrise…

Who exactly has time to listen to six and a half thousand different radio stations?Home Entertainment Issue 13
Well, that’d be me. As part of my research for an article in the current issue of Home Entertainment Magazine, I personally listened to 24 hours of each of 6,500 Radio stations, in my never-ending search for the truth*. It’s all part of a feature on Internet Radio — what it is, how to get it, different ways to listen to it, and how to stop it making that awful mess on the carpet when it’s had too much to drink. Although there’s precious little of that in the final edit, which is probably for the best. Anyway, it’s in stores now, awaiting your fevered purchase. Or purchase it when you’re entirely healthy — it’s all the same to me.
*this is, of course, a blatant lie, or as some would have it, “marketing”. For the record, I didn’t listen to 6,500 radio stations. I mean, I don’t have nearly eighteen years to spare that it would take to do all that. I did flick through some of the more interesting selections, such as Bluegrass gospel, or exactly what radio options are available to the fine people of Ghana. Interesting stuff — but you’ll have to buy the mag to get the full flavour…

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