Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Nude Mice* has a new review of mine live today. Well, actually, it was live a couple of days ago, but having one (and as of today, maybe two) kids with chickenpox tends to distract one:
LG Chocolate U830: “LG takes another Chocolate out of its box of tricks, but this particular phone isn’t entirely sweet…”
In other running-around-like-a-headless-chicken-news, I did an interview with ABC Canberra last week on the joys of eBay. Owing to said parenting issues, I dropped into a familiar Kidman-family trait — I talked at approximately 375 words per second. I’m not sure if the interviewer knew what to make of me. Oh well — you can’t win them all, I guess.
*No, really. See this story for more details.

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