Pre-order Fifty Two Today!

Exciting news! My second novel (or to be strictly accurate, my first collection of short stories) is now available to pre-order!
Fifty Two will officially go on sale via Smashwords (and, all being well, iBooks and Amazon and others) on the 31st of March for just $1.99, but you can pre-order it now (and check out a sample of the stories within) over at my Smashwords Author page!
Here’s the blurb for Fifty Two, so that you know what you’re getting yourself in for:

Fifty Two short stories of love, humanity, talking spiders, regret, passion, death, guys called Dave, circuses run by bees, the future of education, how to name cats, loss, love, murder, redemption and anything and everything else that can happen to a human being. Or creatures that seem to resemble human beings.

Fifty Two contains a number of short stories (go on, guess how many) written by award-winning technology writer Alex Kidman, although very few have to do with technology or the kinds of writing he’s won awards for. Some are lighthearted tales meant to make you smile, while others are darker investigations into the human psyche. Some are simple genre experiments, while others thread a narrative plot around a guy called Dave for some reason.

You can read Fifty Two in one big gulp, but you’d probably find it best to take it in shorter segments, as though it was a collection of, you know, short stories. Which it very much is.

As always, this is a self-publishing effort, so if you’re reading this and you could be so kind, please, tell your friends about Fifty Two, encourage them to tell their friends, aunts, postal delivery folk and people they meet on the bus. If enough people buy a copy, maybe one day it’ll end up on Broadway!*
While you’re there, why not pick up a copy of Sharksplosion, a tale of intrigue, espionage, action tropes, and, naturally, EXPLODING SHARKS! It’s also only $1.99 for a digital copy you can treasure forever from Smashwords, iBooks or Amazon.

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