Only women bleed…

Another patently false lyric. You just have to know where to stab…
(insert dark laughter here…)
Yeah, OK, I’m not quite that grim. I’ve just been listening to too much Alice Cooper today. Well, too much of a single Alice Cooper album anyway. This was meant to be part of my “listen to lots of new music” gambit, but instead I spent the day listening to an album I got hooked on when I lived in a heavily junkie-infested household back when I was an innocent wee eighteen year old.
Shut up! I was innocent.. once. Or maybe twice.
Anyway, I don’t think it’s influenced my writing today. Well, not much. Let’s see, shall we?
First of all, some news at
MyNetfone launches Naked ADSL2+: “MyNetFone’s naked ADSL2+ packs surprisingly good value — $39 a month for 5GB peak usage. You could pay that much to Telstra just in line rental.”pcujune09
Then there’s the June issue of Australian PC User Magazine, in which I’m featured pretty heavily. In TestBench, you’ll find my review of the Telstra Turbo 21 Modem. In Cool & New, my reviews of the Nokia E63, Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Gaming Mouse and DualSIM Slider, and in Games, a review of WWE Legends Of Wrestlemania, with a fabulous screenshot of “Dancing” Jim Neidhart. Well, OK, only one other person reading this blog knows why he’s “dancing” Jim Neidhart, but anyway… it’s on store shelves now. Go forth and purchase, people, otherwise I won’t be able to afford to subsidise the golfing-heavy lifestyles of certain 70’s-era Shock Rockers!

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