Of all the people in the world, why should I love you?

A little Kate Bush, just for the clone’s sake. It’s his fault I like that album. At least there’s a Prince link.
Two new CNET reviews went up today. Sometimes, I think I should run a counter of how many reviews I have published in a given year. Sometimes, I think that would be a very bad idea indeed.
Topfield TF7000HDPVRt: “It’s taken a while for Topfield to actually release an HD model of its popular PVR line. The TF7000HDPVRt is finally here – but the lack of networking support seriously detracts from what is otherwise an excellent PVR…”

Plantronics .Audio 370 Multimedia Headset: “Apparently, the open-ear design “fuels the excitement of team gaming” — and all these years we’d thought that being in a team fuelled the excitement. Who knew it was what style of headphone you wore?”

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