Obey the brain…

The Brain
The Brain says:
The December Issue of PC User (“Australia’s Top Selling Technology Magazine” apparently) is out now, and within its non-waterproof pages you’ll find Alex’s preview of Reeltime.TV, as well as his roundup of Australian online music download services. Oh, and there’s other stuff in there as well, but the Brain only cares about Kidman-penned content today. Only $8.95 will get you access to all of this tasty Kidman-esque content! What are you waiting for?
Remember: Obey the Brain. Sure, it’s only made of aging foam rubber, but it knows better than you do.
Alexkidman.com would like to point out that the Brain is an independent sentient foam entity once beloved of Australia’s IT media which now spends its days relaxing in the expansive office suites of Alexkidman.com. As such, its opinion is its own, and any and all defamation claims, paternity suits and factual errors should be addressed to Mediawatch. Because they love that kind of thing.

2 thoughts on “Obey the brain…”

  1. OK Kidman, you’ve had custody of that brain for far too many years… it’s time for it to return to the fold of the ACP tech titles and be passed onto a new generation of Labs monkeys.
    So, ah, gimme gimme gimme!

  2. I did query the brain about a return to its old stomping grounds:
    “So, Brain, do you want to go back to ACP Tech?”
    “Sure — still on Park street?”
    “Erm… nope”
    “Ah — still on Castlereigh, with plenty of space for pitching ideas about?”
    “Erm… nope. Well, not for long, anyway”

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