Numb me, drill me, floss me, bill me…

I wish I still had the teeth I had when I was a youngster. Those teeth? Never required a filling, and could go long stretches without any dental intervention at all.
The teeth I’ve got now? Drilled, filled and only partially numbed along the way. My face feels rather… unusual as a result. One half is in pain, and the other half feels like it’s been hit by a sock wrapped around a brick that’s been dipped in rancid whiskey.
I’m going to go lie down now for a good long while. You can stay here if you must, or you can check out my latest offering, live today:
BenQ nScreen i91: “BenQ’s nettop looks affordable on the surface, but you’re still paying a premium for a low-powered desktop machine.”

2 thoughts on “Numb me, drill me, floss me, bill me…”

  1. I love to be a pedant, so: whisky doesn’t go rancid. You must be thinking of something less astringent. Olive oil maybe? Or balieys with the lid left off, if you insist on something vaguely alcoholic.

  2. That’s it — pick on the man in pain. Go on…
    Anyway, Whiskey can too go rancid. You’ve just got to pour a lot of melted butter into it…

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