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Macworld April 08. Beware the Pizza Gremlins... The April Issue of Australian Macworld Magazine just went ker-thunk into my letterbox — my postman has a wicked right arm on him, you see — which means it’s probably a very good guess that it’s available in stores right this instant. Or very soon. Almost certainly by the time you’ve made your way down to the shops to buy one, if you’re not subscribing already. And if not, why not?
In any case, this month’s opinion column covers one of those things that I went to University to study. Aside from the curvy bits of my wife, that is. Or what living on a $10 a week food budget was like. Or how much fun scurvy isn’t, what with the $10 food budget and all. In any case, those factors are now part of what I went to University to study, namely history, and that’s the main thrust of this month’s opinion column. Along the way I declare my love for Public Libraries, and as part of that, most likely get myself written out of at least one family will. I’m not having a good run with family politics at the moment… but that’s a story for another time.
Oh, and there’s also an ad for some grotty Pizza chain or another at the bottom of the column. Not my idea, and not even my preferred brand of Pizza, for what that’s worth, although the geek/fast-food connection isn’t a huge stretch… unless you’re on that aforementioned $10 food budget, which really doesn’t stretch to grease..

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