Notebooks, Remote controls and some pure RAWK…

Another day of rather mixed articles for your perusal.
Firstly, PC Authority has a roundup of remote control applications for iPhone:
Amazing Apps for your iPhone: Remote Control Apps: “Control your music, video, mouse and even your entire PC with these five remote control applications for the iPhone.”
and then has another two of my reviews up. Firstly, a Samsung notebook:
Samsung R519: “Samsung’s R519 brings entry-level pricing and sensibilities to the market in a notebook that won’t wow anybody, or send them broke either.”
and then a DS game review that affords me the ability to reference ’80s action-adventure series and potentially defame a member of the Rolling Stones, and all within context.
Band Hero (DS): “Band Hero for the DS tries very hard to mimic the success of its full console brethren. It fails very hard, too.”

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