Lulu, The Crime Fighting Magician

(Headline courtesy of this. It’s very similar to the way my mind works, or refuses to, sometimes)
Remember earlier on today, when I said I’d been working rather hard? Sure you do — you were paying attention, weren’t you? There will be a test on this in the morning…
Sorry — I think I was channeling some of the teacher genetics in my family history there. Anyway, more of my scribings are now available for your reading pleasure, this time at
TomTom Go910: “It even tracks and notes speed cameras and school speed zones, although we couldn’t work out how to get it to shut up about school zones outside school hours…”
Garmin Nuvi 310: “In the “fun” category, where other GPS systems simply show you an arrow to indicate your position, the Nuvi substitutes this for a tiny car…”

Mio A701: “For the survival-minded, it also offers an emergency SMS option, wherein your GPS coordinates are automatically sent to a predefined SMS number if you find yourself in trouble…”

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