Lifestyles of the poor and sleepy…

Back from the Influence forum (sadly without a personalised Segway, but you can’t have everything) — those who want to gawk at a bed I’ve slept in (although it feels right now like I didn’t actually sleep all that much, or not as much as I should have)  should check out my brother’s Junket vlog here. While he was filming that, I was busy playing with mobile phones, which led to the following two previews at– and it’s been quite a while since I’ve written a product preview, as distinct from a review, which might explain the rather brief style. Well, that, and the fact that one of the phones I was previewing refused to actually switch on, which is always a challenge to the ol’ creativity:
Samsung U100: ” The Samsung U100 resembles the Motorola MOTOFONE F3, albeit a MOTOFONE with plenty of bling added on the sides…”
Samsung U300: ” The Samsung U300 is the U100’s bigger brother; it’s a thin clamshell model with a shiny metallic finish…”

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