Let's look 4 the purple banana till they put us in the truck

Hmm.. perhaps too much cough syrup today…
My voice is slowly returning (again), and with it, some of my sanity. That may (or may not) be related to some scribed words, immortalised in pixel today at APCMag.com and PC Authority.com.au. But you can’t let the two get into close proximity, otherwise all the barking and frothing at the mouth starts. It’s all very unpleasant. That being said, let the wordage commence!
Australian government funding porn: “We have uncovered the secret Rudd Labor Government budget agenda: a flourishing Australian porn industry. It’s all there in the budget.”
3 unveils 7.2Mbps replacement to the “lozenge”: “The mobile broadband war wages ever onwards, and today 3 brought a new weapon into play – an alternative to the company’s existing USB “lozenge” style mobile adaptor.”

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