Let's get physical…

If you asked people an attribute they’d use to describe me, I’d be willing to bet that “fit” “physical” or “gym junkie” wouldn’t appear anywhere on most people’s lists.
Which might seem to suggest that getting me to review fitness titles for the Wii* is a very bad idea. Arguably, it’s a stroke of genius. I mean, a gym junkie would already have the requisite abs of steel, and might not get any benefit. Meanwhile, my sagging noodle-like arms were put to the rack reviewing for CNET.com.au:
NewU: Fitness First Personal Trainer: “NewU combines fitness and nutrition in a well balanced combination, although it would benefit from better on-screen feedback.”
My Fitness Coach: “My Fitness Coach: Get In Shape lacks vital feedback that distinguishes the more worthy fitness titles for the Wii.”
*An aside:Because Nintendo has its own Wii health title, Wii Fit (and Wii Fit Plus), it’s a right pain in the backside writing about any of them. I want to write “Wii Fitness” title all the time, but it sounds like I’m talking about a different product when I do. Herein ends the whinging..

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