Let the floodgates open!

Apple’s NDA on the iPhone 3G expired this morning at 12:01am, local Sydney time, and predictably, there’s a flood of reviews online right now. Like, for example, mine, live now at GadgetGuy.com.au:
Apple iPhone 3G: “Apple’s 3G iPhone isn’t quite as revolutionary as the hype might have you believe. Indeed, an awful lot of what it does is replicated on any number of other phones. Where it absolutely leaves those phones in the dust is in ease of use, thanks to the slick interface, excellent embedded browser and ease of adding applications to the phone. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a phone that’s also genuinely fun to play with, either.”
(as a side note, can people please stop referring to it as the “Jesus Phone” now? By definition, when Jesus returns, he’s not going to need a phone. He comes, as it were, with inbuilt communications facilities…)

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