I've paid my dues, time after time…

But I’ve still never managed to make it up onto stage to sing “We Are The Champions” for the annual Sun Microsystems IT Journalism Awards, although as my bio will attest, I’ve had plenty of nominations make it, and more than a couple of “highly commended” certificates along the way. I strongly suspect that’ll be the case this year as well — I’ve made the final five in the “Best Reviewer” category — but I can always dream, can’t I?
Perhaps it’s the threat of singing that’s holding me back. In any case, if you remember, send good vibes and thoughts my way on the evening of April 9th. Special mention must go to my brother, who managed to nab an astonishing four nominations. Go Gus!
Ahem. I’d better get back to work, hadn’t I? First up, a review (what else?) at GadgetGuy.com.au:
ASUS Eee PC S101H: “Where it attempts to differentiate itself is by not looking as though it’s been made out of old cereal packets painted black, as so many do…”
And then a quick news piece at PC Authority:
Vodafone 3G network goes national: “One of the biggest sticks that Telstra’s had to beat its competition with has been the unrivaled nature of its 3G coverage map.”

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