iTunes gets even more interesting…

As an additional side-note to that iTunes commentary:
I noted you could only buy “Intensive Care” on a song-by-song basis, but that’s not in fact strictly true. It is something of a cock-up, though:
If you go into the album listing, it says Song Only, and lists the booklet as Album only, and you can’t buy it. Go into the reviews (which includes a comment complaining about this very problem) and a little window opens at the top, with a “buy album” button.
And it’s cheaper than buying the individual songs.
That’s just… dumb. If I was feeling charitable, I’d presume it was teething difficulties. The thing is, they’ve had several YEARS of experience setting these things up in the US, UK and elsewhere — and even with the non-Sony thing, which is apparently identical to iTunes Japan — so you’d think they’d be able to get simple stuff like that right.

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