Is there anywhere you can't buy a phone?

An awful lot of people complain if they can’t find their smartphone, and roughly every three weeks another “wacky” bit of research suggests that they love their phones more than their partner/cat/dog/children/personal-squishy-bits. The thing is, another phone really isn’t that far away.

I’m back on board at Hydrapinion as of today, and my first column back looks at the phenomenon of mobile phone shops within malls right next to mobile phone shops, mobile phone vendors and supermarkets selling… you guessed it, mobile phones. Pretty soon, they’ll be building mobile phone shops within existing mobile phone shops…
Is There Anywhere You Can’t Buy A Phone? “Pro tip: Don’t combine lettuce and meat pies. Just… don’t.”
Hmm… Phenomenon. Yep, I guess I have to.

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