iPad competitors and the sounds of silence

So today’s been a bit on the challenging side. Three days of near-torrential rain have blanketed the MediaConnect Kickstart conference I’ve been at, combined with an ill-advised (but for charidee) trip into a dunk tank last night have left me with a throat that glows in the dark, a head full of goo and a voice like Joe Cocker gargling liquid sandpaper.
Some people would say that might be an improvement. I’m rather tired of explaining it to people, however, despite the popular assumption that I’ve got a hangover. If I had a hangover, it would be over now.
That hasn’t stopped the presses turning, however, even if they are digital presses these days. For APCMag.com, I’ve written up the latest in the long and wacky gadget career of Ruslan Kogan:
Watch out iPad: here comes the $200, Full-HD Kogan Pad: “Kogan unveils a cheap competitor to the iPad, says they probably won’t make a 3D TV, and the Agora phone is NOT dead. Maybe.”

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