I'm starting to understand why the key printing on my keyboards wears out…

Another day, another virtual feast of writing for you to enjoy. Or loathe, but I’d definitely prefer the former.

At CNET, a review of a shiny-but-expensive laser colour multifunction printer:
HP LaserJet Pro 300 M375nw: “HP’s colour laser multifunction printer delivers very high-quality prints, especially in colour, but you’ll need plenty of patience while waiting for your prints.”
At TechLife, a whole range of stories, as I’m now doing some daily coverage for the site:
It’s official: you’re paying too much for tech
Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” on your Nexus S? Not yet!
Get your Mac ready for Mountain Lion now
Which floats better: Apple iPad or Google Nexus 7?
iTunes movies hit the Australian cloud
Windows 8 apps: More expensive but longer trials
Nexus 7 16GB: Sold out!
Why you should be careful what you tweet
Will Apple make your iPhone dock redundant?
Get the newest browser features now
Is the future of marriage via tablet?
At Hydrapinion, some thoughts about why Google figured everybody would race to buy the 8GB Nexus 7:
Nexus 7 sellout: Cloud isn’t yet ubiquitous: “There’s a pretty obvious case here of somebody making an assumption — that everyone has lots of available Wi-Fi access wherever they might be — that simply isn’t the case.”
I also made a brief appearance yesterday on Triple J’s Hack, talking social media and the Olympics:
Hack: Tuesday 24th July: “Hack gets sporty but without using the Olympic symbol cause otherwise London’s brand police would come after us and we wouldn’t dare share a golden moment on social media cause that leads to a crackdown too.”

Meanwhile, in print, I’m in the August 2012 issue of APC, reviewing Samsung’s excellent Galaxy S III, HTC’s speedy One XL and Titan 4G and the chainsawtastic Lollipop Chainsaw. A little bit of everything for the masses (as long as you like smartphones and cheerleaders with chainsaws).
Speaking of print, throughout August I’ll also be making my first appearance in newspaper print for… well… actually, even after fifteen years and counting of writing Australian tech, these will be my first words to appear in actual newsprint ever, which might surprise some people.
The last time I was involved in the newspaper game, I was delivering them to dodgy East London households as a teenager, but from next Tuesday you’ll find me in charge of the Digital Life labs at the Australian Financial Review while John Davidson is on leave. It’s another form of media for me to appear in, but it’s also very flattering to have been offered the gig in the first place. John’s an exceptional writer and it’s a huge challenge for me to fill his shoes. Check in next Tuesday in print or online to see how I start things off. Let’s just say that I have… plans.
Equally speaking, I suppose I just have to get myself some kind of TV exposure over the month, and Alex-saturation will be complete. At which point, if you’re not doing so already, I probably will be loathed.

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