I'm not the same, I have no shame, I'm on FIRE…

Some kind of bucket of water (or possibly sand) would seem to be in order for Ms Ciccone-Ritchie. And perhaps a bathrobe.Macworld September 07
That aside, as the month turns, so do new magazines end up on store shelves in respectable (and grubby) Newsagents everywhere. Such as the September issue of Australian Macworld Magazine, out right this minute. Right before you hit the back cover, you’ll find my monthly opinion piece, and this month it’s a world-exlusive corker of a column.  Within its sizzling pages, you’ll find top-secret details on the next 47 iterations of OS X. You won’t find this information anywhere else, y’know!*
Before I get inundated with emails telling me that I made it all up, I’d like to point out that last month’s column, “47 Reasons Not To Buy an iPhone” correctly predicted the existence of the iTunes Ringtone store, a good three months (allowing for magazine lead times) before it was announced. I have secret contacts within Apple that all the rest of the Mac rumour sites would kill to have…**
*Because, well, I did make it all up. Apple execs, you can call off the lawyers now. And the Ninjas. And the Ninja Lawyers. And Woz — I wish he’d stop stalking me…
** OK, I don’t. But the Mac rumour site business is a cutthroat one, and they might still try to do me in. I’d better go into hiding, just in case…






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