I'm glad we have this new technology…

A friend of mine commented to me years back that he could always pick my articles even sans byline, as they “all sounded the way that I talk”. I’m still not sure if that was a compliment or not, but if you’ve been hanging out to hear me talk AND see what I actually look like, you can.
On Tuesday night (while enjoying a healthy dinner) I was a guest panelist on Byteside’s Tech Show, talking (amongst other things) the future of broadband, the iiNet/AFACT trial, big data pipes, whether Wil.I.Am is deluded, Trekkie Monster, how to shoot video, why WinMo 6.5 sucks and plenty more besides. I talked a lot (probably too much and too fast), smiled a lot (possibly too much), and the sensible bits seem to have made the final cut. You can check out all the action by watching it at Byteside,  or alternatively subscribe via iTunes: Full show, Segments, Audio-only
(if you’re reading this in the far flung future, welcome to the past. It was Tech Show #3.)
But say, for the sake of argument you didn’t want to look at me. Well, frankly, GET OUT, but on your way out, why not check out this review at CNET.com.au?
Kogan 1080P37: “Kogan’s 1080P37 Full HD panel is inexpensive and should appeal to budget sensibilities, but it’s not great for those who demand visual fidelity.”

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