I want you, I want you so bad…

Abbey Road won the voting, for anyone keeping score. So it’ll be on my rotation, and probably my subject lines for the next week or two. Not that easy to come up with subject lines, though, when the above line is about 40% of the lyrics of an entire song…PCUser_Nov2009
Speaking of almost creating half of a thing, I’m all over the November 2009 issue of Australian PC User Magazine*. You could start on page 14, where you’d find my reviews of the Netcomm 3G18WN, Axim MR-108N 3G and Edimax 3G-6200N wireless routers. Skip forward to pages 18-19, where I put all the current browser contenders to the test to discover the best of breed for Windows web browsing, with a result that’s sure to put a few cats amongst the avians. Jump to pages 36-38 where a dozen DAB+ digital radios go under my mighty testing hammer — and only a few don’t shatter into chunks of plastic and silicon. But I’m just warming up! Pages 54-56 see me delving into the murky waters of the PVR market with seven models tested. And yet there’s still more, with standalone reviews of the HTC Snap, Powertraveller PowerGorilla and SolarGorilla, Samsung ICON Galaxy and BenQ Joybee GP1 Mini Projector. Finally, to cool down, I’ve reviewed Wii Sports Resort in the games pages.
Phew. It’s tiring just typing that out. Imagine the amount of work that went into testing it all. I think I need a lie down, which I’ll have while you pop down the newsagency for a copy.
*Remember folks, the extra-smoooooth segues are free here to every third buyer! You’re one of the lucky ones!

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