I scare myself to death… that's why I keep on running…

OK, now iTunes is getting very random. Think I’ll adopt a new post naming scheme in the new year. But what should it be?
In the meantime, the run towards Christmas sees a lot of articles being written at a frantic pace, which inevitably leads to them being published. My long running series of iPhone App articles continues at PC Authority:
Amazing Apps for your iPhone: Find Food Fast: “Whether it’s advisable to let drunk people imbibe lots of grease is left as an exercise to the App user, of course…”
Meanwhile, at CNET.com.au, I’ve been listening carefully. Mostly for wild animals who might otherwise eat me, that is:
Asus HP-100U Dolby Headphone Set: “Gamers with a penchant for very loud explosions will like the HP-100U, but those who want distinct audio levels will want to listen elsewhere.”
World of Zoo: “Animal-obsessed kids will be in seventh heaven with World Of Zoo — and they might even learn a little along the way.”

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