I often get asked "who do I work for"?

It’s a question with an ever-evolving answer, but the broad answer is usually that as a freelancer, I’ll work for anyone who’ll pay the bills*. Which is why I’m concurrently across so many titles, both online and in print.
As an example, this month’s PC User magazine has a lot of my content. I’ve tested twenty-five smartphones for the cover feature, ranging from the high end hero models right down to the entry level cheap and cheerful types. To compliment that, I’ve also done a run of testing the 3G networks that those same smartphones rely on, although via USB modems just to mix things up a bit.  In standalone review spaces, I’ve also tested the Clickfree Transformer, Plantronics Gamecom 777 headphones, Aximcom MR102N portable 3G router and LG’s Optimus 7Q Windows 7 smartphone. Which means I’ve actually tested twenty six smartphones across the span of this issue. And there’s more to come next month…
Meanwhile, at PC Authority, I’ve contributed brief thoughts to the cover article there, dubbed “50 Expert Tips”. Which presumably means I should add “Expert” to my business cards the next time they’re reprinted. My particular expertise on call here is to do with Apple, and if you’ve ever wondered what I look like, there’s even an accompanying headshot to go with the tech tip. Although I’m not usually quite that blue-tinged in real life.
*There are exceptions to this ‘will write for anyone’ rule. They know who they are, or at least should do.

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