I could be someone you need…

Well, so far, so good. Now, onto day #2.
In the meantime, CNET.com.au has another of my reviews up:
JVC Everio GZ-MG275: “The GZ-MG275 is a hard-disk based camcorder ideal for entry-level videographers, although its asking price might give some HD enthusiasts pause for thought…”

1 thought on “I could be someone you need…”

  1. Day #3 starting and you’re still managing. Consider – Cobbie had 3 kids – I had 2 – somehow they survived the single parenting thing (with minimal trauma – maybe)- and yours is day time only as an exhausted Di is with you at night – 12 months ago (well 11 months and 3 weeks)the gorgeous Luc joined us – think of how you felt then, when next he’s complaining – cyu after the visit from P and M.

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