Howdy ho, it's Weasel Stomping Day…

I’ve been a busy boy. But hopefully nobody will find the bodies, the hacksaw or the length of rubber tubing.
Let’s start again, shall we? I’ve been a busy boy, writing, writing and writing some more. For example, issue 104 of Netguide Magazine, on store shelves now, has a whole bunch of my personally selected, lightly crumbed and sauteed words within it. Netguide Magazine, reclining against a chair.
Within its in-no-way-crunchy-or-oil-drenched pages, you’ll find my reviews of portable storage drives (hard disk and flash), the best tech gadgets for under $100 (with nary a drumming USB Santa in sight), as well as standalone reviews of (pauses for requisite lengthy breathing in) Asus AIGuru Skype Phone,  iConnect Access 624W Router, Google Docs & Spreadsheet,  Adobe Photoshop Elements 5/Premiere Elements 3.0, Microsoft Student 2007 (complete with stupid Dangars/Dagnars Falls error),  Lexmark X5470 MFD,  Apple iPod Nano (8GB),  Telstra TicTalk, Belkin Flip,  Battlefield 2142,  Sims 2: Pets, Fear: Extraction Point, Rome: Alexander, Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption,  Flight Simulator X, Guitar Hero II and my daughter’s personal favourite,  Buzz Junior: Jungle Party.
I’m also once again in “print” online — I guess I’m technically in “pixel”, but why quibble? — at
Road Angel Navigator 7000: “Its GPS lock did go very peculiar on us for one stretch of driving, deciding that we were in fact driving about 100m to the left of our actual current position…” 

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