How many boxes can you stack under your TV?

A relevant question, given the focus of today’s articles. First of all, at Geekspeak, some thoughts on Google TV:
Do you want more TV advertising, even if it’s Google? “Bringing more ads to TV, though? That’s an interesting prospect, given one of the first things that most buyers of personal video recorders do is work out the best way to enable ad-skipping…”
Then at I’ve reviewed not one, but two PVR products:
Sony RDR-HDC300: “Sony’s latest PVR is functional, but the lack of a dual-tuner really hurts.”
Kogan Freeview HD Digital Set-Top Box: “Kogan’s cheap Freeview-compatible set-top box bucks the trend of crippled Freeview PVRs, but it’s not an easy product to get along with.”

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