How busy are bees, anyway?

Lazy little stinging sods. I mean, all they do is hang around pretty flowers all day, only stopping for a bit of a dance when they feel like it. Compared to which, I’m slaving away on all sorts of projects tirelessly. Except that I’m somehow really tired.
Right now, you can read my review of the Clickfree C2 at
Clickfree C2: “The Clickfree C2 offers simple backup for PC or Mac, although regrettably not both.”
And then next week… I’m going to be a very busy little freelancer indeed, as I drag out my editor’s hat from its dusty corner of the office. It’s been more than five years since I had any kind of title with “editor” in it (back when I used to be the editor at CNET, as distinct from a contributor to it), but next week, for a strictly limited season, I’m doing a guest editor gig at, while Nick Broughall is overseas. As such, I probably won’t update this blog all that much during that time.
And after that, it gets even busier. Sometimes, it might be easier being a bee.

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